A week ago, I was challenged, by a presenter at a course I attended, to accept the Gratitude Challenge for seven days. That meant I would think of three things I was grateful for that day and post them on Facebook. I thought, okay, piece of cake!

I accepted the challenge and won, but not like you may be thinking. Completing it was important, but I got so much more out of the process, and it was not as easy as I anticipated. The first couple of days were a breeze, as they were routine and nothing out of the ordinary happened. This would be the easiest challenge ever! Picking out things I was grateful for was a simple process requiring little thought or effort.

However, as my week progressed, the difficulty of this challenged increased.  When I had a crappy day, trying to find something positive was a challenge. Sifting through all of the negative events when I was tired and frustrated, forced me to go way out of my comfort zone. I often advise clients to do this, but saying it and doing it are not the same, and I was having to practice what I preach.


What was amazing, is that it worked! On those bad days with a lot of intentional thought, I could find things I was grateful for. Some were small and might seem insignificant to others, but they made a positive difference to me. Those bad days suddenly seemed a little less bad. I found myself seeking things to be grateful for throughout the day as the week went on. I realized I was focusing more on the positive aspects of the day and my stress level went down as a result.

I rationally know how this can change someone’s life if incorporated as a daily habit, but now I have experienced it. It was beneficial enough to me, that I plan to start keeping a gratitude journal.

We all could use a little more positive in our lives.