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Problem Solving 101

I was in a job that I loved for seven years (I could get money for retirement at 10 years), but by the 8th and 9th year it began to steal my soul. A job I once jumped out of… Continue Reading →

“Exercise? I thought you said Extra Fries!”

Exercise saved my life! It saved my life when I was diagnosed with chronic pain. It saved my life when my husband deployed and I became a “single” parent. It saved my life when I was dealing with a child… Continue Reading →

You are not alone! From one parent to another

In previous blogs, I have made it known that my son has been battling drug and alcohol addiction. This was a difficult story to share, but I have received positive feedback.  Most of the comments related to parents feeling isolated… Continue Reading →

“It is not time to worry!”

“It is not time to worry!”    Harper Lee As the mother of an addict, worry has been my constant companion for a very long time. I would worry when the phone rang, when it did not ring, wondering if… Continue Reading →

If you live with chronic pain, you could use a Life Coach!

  A life coach is an objective observer.  They can help you evaluate where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.  Goals can be overwhelming, but not when you have a plan and realistic… Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to ask for help?

During one of my husband’s deployments, I realized our checking account had been depleted.  We had several large automatic withdrawals that came straight out of our account without any direct notification, and my husband oversaw the handling our bills.  He was… Continue Reading →

but, what do I say?

A coworker has just been diagnosed with cancer. Your neighbor’s mother just passed away.  I am your friend and my son is an addict. Now, what do you say? It is hard to find the words when someone we care… Continue Reading →

Forgive Your Addicted Child and HEAL

How do you forgive someone that: brought a drug dealer into your home got high in a room right next to his little brother’s showed up to his mother’s place of employment stoned lied manipulated chose drugs over you? It… Continue Reading →

Act More Like a Dog

I will admit, I am a dog person.  My husband and I have three rescue pit-bulls that now take up most of our time since we are empty nesters.  My job as a life coach is to help people improve… Continue Reading →

Pain Management Beyond Medication

I have lived with chronic pain for over twenty-nine years and there is no doubt that is sucks.  I know of no other way to express it.  It is my constant companion, and the one thing I can always count… Continue Reading →

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