Tuesday, I attended a very informative course that explained the habits of emotionally resilient people. The presenter, Dr. Brian King, threw down a challenge, and as one to never balk at a good challenge, I accepted. For seven days, I am to post three things I am grateful for that happened that day on my Facebook page. Sounds simple enough.

I have recommended this to several people, but have never tried the gratitude challenge myself. So, why do it now? If becoming more optimistic does not tempt you, how about decreased stress and anxiety.  This has a domino effect so that you then get better sleep, less illness symptoms, and more self-awareness.  It really is a win-win.

I consider myself relatively happy, but being more optimistic and less stressed is a definite attraction. Stress is like that shoe that is always waiting to drop. We all have it but some of us just deal with it better. If this simple exercise can improve my outlook and help me to be more positive I am all in. After seven days, I will report back if my life really did improve.