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Q: What is a life coach?

A: A partner who helps you to identify what is happening now and what you want from the future by using resources you already have within you.

Q:  What are the top reasons to seek a life coach?

A:  There are many reasons individuals seek help from a life coach: personal growth; improve communication skills; identifying and setting goals; relationship issues; stress reduction; time management issues; motivation; and finding balance just to name a few.

Q:  What are the benefits of working with a life coach?

A:  The benefits of working with a life coach are unlimited.  You are in control, as you set the goals and plans you really want to work on.  Once you start seeing successes, your self-esteem goes up and you feel more in control of your life.  Your decisions will be better with greater focus and balance allowing you to see all of your options.  A firm foundation is a much more positive place to be.