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What is this “ENABLING” you speak of?

“Enabling: Removing the natural consequences of someone’s behavior.”  Codependency Recovery I was having breakfast the other day with a couple and we were talking about addiction. They asked me a question that has been on my mind since our meeting…. Continue Reading →

“I’M DONE!” – The Art of Rebooting

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you did not know which direction to go? As a life coach, I have all the tools necessary to deal with this dilemma, and you would think I would be immune. The realization is… Continue Reading →

…And fate said, “You will also be parenting with chronic pain!”

Growing up, my two boys, frequently heard “We will see”. That was my standard answer, and it meant that I had no idea if I would be able to get out of bed much less go anywhere. My fibromyalgia was… Continue Reading →

Brain Fog, Fibro Fog, Brain Fatigue, By Any Other Name Is Still Losing Your Mind!

I can’t find my keys and end up leaving my phone at home totally discombobulated. I get to the office, and I’m amazed I made it on time. The receptionist takes my name, looks and her computer, and gives me… Continue Reading →

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop!

One of the best things the mother of an addict can hear her child say is, “Mom I’m going to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous),” even if he is in prison. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, according to the… Continue Reading →

“… and what is your son doing now?”

This past weekend, my husband and I attended his 30-year college reunion. We were in the beautiful North Georgia mountains with old friends reminiscing about good memories. We talked about the past but also about the present, inquiring about each… Continue Reading →

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks-What I Learned From The Gratitude Challenge

A week ago, I was challenged, by a presenter at a course I attended, to accept the Gratitude Challenge for seven days. That meant I would think of three things I was grateful for that day and post them on… Continue Reading →

I’m Up For The Challenge!

Tuesday, I attended a very informative course that explained the habits of emotionally resilient people. The presenter, Dr. Brian King, threw down a challenge, and as one to never balk at a good challenge, I accepted. For seven days, I… Continue Reading →

Advocating For Your Child With Special Needs

This is the job you never thought you would have. You may not even know what advocate really means, but here you are. You, as the parent of a child with special needs, is his or her best advocate. had… Continue Reading →

Is Your Non-Addicted Child Collateral Damage?

  Collateral Damage- “injury inflicted on something other than an intended target” ( Of all the many regrets, I have in dealing with my oldest son’s addiction, none stands out more than how my decisions affected my non-addicted youngest son. My… Continue Reading →

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